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Mrs. Mithilesh Tewari was born and raised in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. She was a loving mother, compassionate human being, devoted wife, teacher, dog-lover, and a highly-spiritual person, with a deep belief in “Hindu Kanyakubja Brahmin” values.  She married at a very young age to a budding professor in India and completed high school, Bachelors, Masters, and Bachelor of Education after her marriage while carrying the responsibilities of both a mother and a wife.

She always helped others, whether strangers or people she knew. She always believed in education and educated her sons well. Special to her heart was her middle son-Guddu, who survived many life-threatening illnesses. Despite medical doctors giving upon him, he achieved a Gold Medal in his Engineering undergraduate program. He also received graduate research assistantships and scholarships to come to Canada for graduate school in 1994. Guddu rose to senior positions with companies in USA/Canada and invented a process: Zero-OxTech®. He built a multi-million dollar business by commercializing his invention: Tewari De-Ox Systems, Inc.


He dedicates his success to his mom, who died at the tender age of 42 and was not here to see his achievements.

Mrs. Mithilesh Tewari Memorial Scholarship



Terms offered



Food Processing Technician; Food Safety & Quality Assurance   

Food Processing; Operations Leadership in Food Manufacturing


Engineering & Technology          

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