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Dr. Gaurav Tewari, 'Doc', President & CEO

Doc is a Food Process Chemical Engineer, with 24+ years of Global Food Industry experience.  He holds Bachelor of Engineering from GB Pant University [India] and Masters and PhD in Food Process Chemical Engineering from the University of Manitoba, Canada.  Gaurav received Vice-Chancellor’s Gold Medal for obtaining highest GPA in his BTech Program with the GB Pant University [India] and received President’s Grant and Scholarships for his graduate studies with the University of Manitoba.  A key accomplishment in his career is his invention of the “ZERO-OxTech” processing System (US Patents Pending), which is targeted to be commercialized for US $ 80 billion Centralized Meat Operations for extending shelf-life of case-ready meats in their centralized meat distribution system.


Doc also worked as VP-Operations, Director-Plant Operations, Director-Quality; Director-Operations; Research Engineer; Senior Research Scientist; Adjunct Professor of Engineering; Vice-President & President of (Global Operations) with different institutions and companies, such as Marcatus QED [Manufacturer/Supplier of finished or semi-finished pickled vegetables to UNILEVER (Europe; Brands: Maille & Amora), Pinnacle Foods (NJ, USA; Brands; VLASIC), Mount Olive (NC, USA; Brands: Mt. Olive), Bubbies (CA, USA; Brands: Bubbies Kosher Dills)], Sargent Farms, Silani Sweet Cheese Ltd., University Of Manitoba, Lacombe Meat Research Centre, University Of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, United States Food & Drug Administration’s The National Centre for Food Safety and Technology [Chicago, IL], University of Guelph, Guelph Food Technology Centre, and ESL Global [Texas, USA].


Doc has over 50 publications (refereed and non-refereed) and over 100 presentations in national and international conferences.  He also wrote a book, titled “Advances in Thermal and Non-Thermal Food Preservation” (Publisher: Blackwell Publishing, Iowa, USA), which is being used as a reference in several R&D institutions in different part of the world.  Doc sits on CPEPC's Poultry Operations Technical Committee and Canadian Meat Council, which are Canada's apex meat and poultry organizations, providing a national platform for Canada's meat and poultry industry interactions with CANADIAN FOOD INSPECTION AGENCY [CFIA].


Doc is passionate about innovations in Food and related sectors and is an expert to take a process from inception to full scale global commercialization and is currently working towards commercializing his Zero-OxTechTM process for global meat industry.  He is an extra-brilliant individual with an IQ of 180, and is a compassionate human being working towards building orphanage for ostracized girls in North India.

Mark Hawkins, Director-Sales & Marketing [USA]

Mark Hawkins, Director-Sales & Marketing [USA]: Mark has 35 years of experience with the United States Protein Industry in selling, installing, and training further processing equipment as well as supplies for multiple manufacturers from all steps along the way from processing (cutting, slicing, grinding) to next step value adding (mixing, stuffing, cooking) including spices and ingredients.  Mark has a high focus on packaging

 equipment - vacuum chamber and rollstock, both in raw and cooked meats.  Mark was eight terms vendor chair of IOWA Meat Processors association.  He worked for 12 years as Vice President of sales for Functional food solutions Inc., concurrently with duties as sales manager of DUPEY EQUIPMENT CO.  He has extensive marketing/consulting solutions for shelf-life preservation and Anti-microbial control solutions for both fresh and cooked products, and from sanitation procedures through ingredient inoculation to packaging protocols.  Mark is excited to part of Tewari group and is responsible for Tewari’s sales and marketing in USA.

Brad Lodge, Project Manager [USA]

Brad is a veteran with the United States Meat Industry with 35+ years of experience with meat plant commissioning, including but not limited to Meat Plant Layout as per United States Department of Agriculture [USDA] regulations, Equipment layout, Equipment and rail-system fabrication and managing the turn-key projects.  He has built meat plants for small and large animals ranging from 10 heads per hour to 60 heads per hour, namely, Maple Valley Meats, Enderlin, North Dakota; Weaver MeatsAfton, Iowa; Elkton Locker, Elkton, South Dakota; Dover Processing, Dover, Minnesota; Mk Meats, Unadilla, Nebraska.

He has keen knowledge and expertise regarding US meat industry, and had been around a while to witness commercialization of several meat processing and packaging technologies.  Brad is pleased to assist Tewari group to commercialize its zero-oxtech process, and to lead the turn-key meat plant commissioning for Tewari.

Dr. Vijay Juneja, Chief Global Consultant

Dr. Vijay Juneja is a Lead Scientist (Microbiologist, GS-15) of a research project on Predictive
Microbiology at the Eastern Regional Research Center, ARS, USDA, Wyndmoor, PA, USA. He
received his Ph. D. in Food Technology and Science, from University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Dr. Juneja is among the world’s leading authorities in food safety research. He has developed a
nationally and internationally recognized research program on foodborne pathogens, with
emphasis on microbiological safety of minimally processed foods and predictive microbiology.
Dr. Juneja frequently organizes educational workshops/short courses/webinars on microbial
modeling. His research program has been highly productive, generating over 300 publications,
including over 175 peer-reviewed journal articles, 47 book chapters including ten in the
Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology and is a co-editor of eight books and one Food
Microbiology special issue entitled, ‘Predictive Modeling in Foods.’ He served as a co-editor of
International Journal of Food Microbiology until December 2011 and as an Associate Editor for
the ‘Food Microbiology Section’, of the Journal of Food Science of the IFT from 2002 - 2007.
Currently, he serves as an Editor of ‘LWT-Food Science and Technology’ and is a member of the
editorial Boards of Journal of Food Protection, Foodborne Pathogens & Disease, International
Journal of Food Microbiology, and Frontiers in Microbiology. Dr. Juneja has served in
leadership positions in professional societies, notably as Chair, Interagency Botulism Research
Coordinating Committee meeting, Philadelphia (1998, 2008 and 2014); Chair, IFT Nonthermal
Processing Division’s Workshop, Philadelphia (2005); and Co-chair, International Predictive
Microbiology Conference, Washington, DC (2009). Vijay is recipient of several awards
including the IFT 2018 Gerhard Haas Award, IAFP Harry Haverland Citation Award (2015);
NRI Welfare Society of India’s Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman Award (2014); IAFP Grocery
Manufacturers Association Food Safety Award (2013); Gold Medalist, ‘Outstanding
Mentor/Coach’, Federal Executive Board, Philadelphia (2013); IFT Research and Development
Award (2012); NSF International Food Safety Leadership Award for Research Advances (2012);
Agricultural Research Service Technology Transfer Award (2010); Federal Laboratory
Consortium Mid-Atlantic Region – Excellence in Technology Transfer Award (2010);
Professional Excellence Award (2009); IAFP Maurice Weber Laboratorian Award (2005); ARS-
North Atlantic Area (NAA) Senior Research Scientist of the Year (2002); ARS-NAA Early
Career Research Scientist of the Year (1998); and ARS - FSIS Cooperative Research Award
(1998). Additionally, he is a Fellow of the IFT (2008); American Academy of Microbiology
(2013); IAFP (2017); and National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (India; 2017).