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Innovative Technology Development and Consulting 

Tewari De-Ox Systems Inc. has invented and patented a processing technique for greatly extending the shelf life of meat processed in a centralized meat packing operation.

BRB Global is involved in turn-key food manufacturing plant consulting at the global level. Our team comprises of experts in plant layout and commissioning of food manufacturing facilities.


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... I have used their [Tewari De-Ox] system and found them to achieve an increase in shelf-life from traditional packaging systems.... Whether you are trying to increase the shelf-life of any protein for food service or increase the shelf-life of case-ready fresh meats, the Tewari De-Ox Systems offer any company a simple cost effective means to achieve those goals....

Jason M. Behrends, PhD, Professor at Mississippi State University


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Please contact us for absolutely anything related to any sector in the food industry, whether it is turn-key plant commissioning project OR global sourcing OR innovation in commercial food processing OR global food safety standards, OR if want to be ready to supply to major retailers, such as COSTCO or Wal-Mart and do not know how to?  We are here to assist and desperate to be part of your vision.