Tewari's "Zero-Oxtech" [12 US & International patents pending] preserves NATURAL ENZYMES WITHIN THE PROTEIN, AND as a result extends the shelf-life of oxygen-sensitive proteints during storage and transport as well as in retail: "WE EXTEND LIVES....."TM

Tewari De-Ox Systems has invented and patented [US & International Patents Pending] a packaging technique for greatly extending the shelf life of meat and poultry : Zero-OxTechTM, which extends shelf-life of all packaged proteins using the Zero-OxTechTM process during storage and transport, as well as extends shelf-life at retail level at local retailers/superstores BY PRESERVING NATURAL ENZYMES WITHIN THE PROTEIN.  Zero-OxTechTM packaging can be used for packaging all oxygen-sensitive foods, and extends shelf-life by preserving the natural enzymes within the foods and has substantial application for proteins/meats processed in a centralized meat packing operation for shelf-life extension during long term storage and transport of proteins by land, or ocean, in a very cost-effective manner. Proteins packaged with Zero-OxTechTM have extended shelf-life during storage as well as during transport with minimum steps in distribution when compared with conventionally packaged proteins, thereby assisting meat packers with centralized operations of packaging and distributing proteins with extended shelf-life during storage/transport.

Tewari De-Ox Systems: Preserving Natural Protein Enzymes

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